Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bathroom "Experience"

This is something I told my coworker a few moments ago...I was COMPELLED to share...

A very interesting experience i would like to describe to u.....i went to the bathroom...and idk who it was that went there before me (maybe the intern..idk) but, I noticed that whoever, let the air in that bathroom feeling pretty warm...O_o
what was even more interesting was when i looked into the toilet..n saw that the water was kinda bubbly i am left to assume that watever was dropped in there...pretty toxic. :-P
Right before i left the bathroom, i noticed that the air was no longer feeling as warm as it was when i entered...soooo.....i contributed to it, just a lil bit O:-)

haha she read all that and called me "sooo gross" :-P


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