Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fiction: Accident

One of my fav. blogs is "The One-Minute Writer" (click here). Today's prompt was to write a short short story with "Accident" being the theme. I realized that I hadnt written any kind of short story in a LONG time and I wanted to give it a shot. So there it is...Let me know what you think!

"WHAT?!" She stared back at me, a glimpse of tears appearing in the corner of her eyes. I already knew that these were tears of frustration and anger, not sadness. "What did you just call me?" I laid there in bed, still trying to grasp what had just happened. As my senses started to come back to me, I saw that she had already hopped out of bed and was looking for her clothes. I glanced at the clock, hanging on the wall a few feet away. "Baby, its 4am...Come back to bed. I didnt mean it..." She shot mean glance back to me and finished buttoning up her blouse. I thought to myself how amazingly fast a female can put her clothes on when she's angered. "Don't you 'Baby' me! I'm out of here!", she screams before marching out of the bedroom. I sighed loudly and jumped out of bed and run after her. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to call you..." She interrupts me by giving me the finger. And continues walking towards the front door of my apartment. How could this be happening? The evening started out so well; dinner, dancing, a few drinks. We went back to my place. I put on some slow jams to set the mood. One thing led to another and we found ourselves in my bedroom. How is it that just a little accident could have ruined it all? "Can you please stop? Lets talk about this." She opened the door and stopped for a moment, as if to be contemplating on whether or not she should really leave. Then, apparently coming to a decision, she turned and said, "No screw you! My name's not Susan!" She slammed the door, leaving me standing there naked in the dark. Funny how cold an apartment can feel when your woman leaves you. "Time to call Susan"



the.kisser said...

omg! that was awesome. moral: stop


Eddie said...

lol im glad you like it! i was feeling kinda ehh about it. almost wasnt going to put it up!