Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Texting Tuesday?!

lol Dont worry...this isnt going to be a "weekly" thing..haha I just felt like today I sent some particularly funny texts to my friends....:-P

me: "una morena aqui hablando mierda en el telefono about some vieja that bumber her n she talking LOUD about how the lady was lucky the morena's prego cause if not, they'd be fighting...what i found hilarious is she said "thats why ppl think black ppl ghetto"...meanwhile she's talking loud and cursing sounding ignorant...ironic much?"
I got mad, listening to her talk...cause if yall had heard how she sounded...s.m.h I hate ppl who willfullly justify stereotypes like that...

me: u wouldnt believe this...i was on the treadmill this morning..(first time in YEARS i ever ran on a treadmill. lol) n i was just running at a decent pace...then this mexican chick starts running next to me...n i noticed she kept checking out the speed i was going at...n it was like she was friggin competing with me. lmao in the end we were both friggin sprinting on that motha fucka. hahaha but i was already tired from the rest of my workout so i put a stop to it after 15mins. hahah f that
Am I the only one who noticed that I seemed to have NOOO problem saying "motha fucka"...but then decided to say "f that" in the end? O_o hahaha

her: i broke up with him

me: how'd he take it

her: he didnt like it

me: u're so fuckin funny how u answer me sometimes. i swear........i ask this cunt..."how'd ya man take you dumping him?" n wat does this cunt say? "he didnt like it"...like, WOOOOOOW, really?! he didnt like it?! REEEEALLY?! like thats suppose to be surprising or unexpected to me or something. wtfffff maaaaaaaaaaaaaan. hahahahah oh sure, i was really sitting here thinking there was some possible chance that he just might LOVE the fact that you're dumping him. like he was really gonna say "gee angie...I think thats a GREAT idea!"
lmaoooooooo asshole

her: hahahahahahahahah

This is why I have all this love for my homegirl...I can come out soooo stupid like that and she'll just laugh cause she knows I dont mean it :-) GOOD TIMES!



:::the.kisser::: said...

LOL... you know i love text messages already :)

Eddie said...

lol so do i. its insane how i text A LOT more than actaully talking to people ont he phone. :-P

angie said...

omfgggggggggg u put it for real hahahaha i love it!!!! this is a funny blog