Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Because I'm Bored...

...And I really didnt have anything truly significant to post...I figured I'd just say a lil convo I was having with my best friend...haha Its not that bad...we actually get A LOT worse than this..O_o

me: go goyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

her: Weppppppppaaaaaaaaaaa

me: if i ever meet a girl
who's totico tastes like goya
im gonna wanna have her with every meal

her: Ayyyyyyyyyy

me: breakfast? 2 eggs on a roll with a side order of toto
lunch? oven baked chicken breast, peas, and toto for dessert
dinner. im on a diet. so. lemme just eat toto

her: Omfg lol
I want sex
Im sooooo horny right nw
Idk y

me: i know why
cause u keep thinking about me

her: I think that's what it is [[She was being sarcastic]]
me: damn right. i dont blame u. if i were u, id think of me and get horny too. its ok.

Yeeeeeeeeeah. :-P good times.


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