Monday, November 30, 2009

Gobble Gobble?

Hello! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I friggin stuffed my face. >:-] Thanksgiving is truly the only holiday that I actually like! Ever since I was little, I'd always get super excited for it. I even have this really silly (well stupid actually) "tradition" that I, SOMEHOW, came up with as a kid...When I was little, I was under the impression that if I dont eat at all during the day, I would build this HUGE appetite, which would allow me to consume even more food at dinner time. hahah weird eh? (obviously, as a kid, I had no idea about gas build up and whatnot...haha). And even though its a major pain to me now (since Im working out more consistently, my appetite is even bigger now), I still keep to that silly tradition of mine...haha Oh, and I also become super anti-social...but only because my greedy ass wants to have all the food to myself. >:-] Since it was just going to be my mom and I, she decided to only make half a she even bought this new pan with something else that was suppose to hold the turkey up..buuuuuut she got the size wrong so she had to improvise...The turkey didnt look as "presentable" as it had in previous years....but it was still so friggin good!!!! Check it out!

My mom sure loves her salad!

"Moro de guandules", is what this is called. I love it!!!!

Pastelillos!!!!! So friggin good...she made 10 that were of grounded chicken...and 10 that were grounded beef. an AMAZING combo with the rice n turkey!

Lol I know the turkey looks used and mom cooked it upside down for some odd reason...n couldnt flip it back for the pic O_o hahahah it tasted GREAT though!


It was pure heaven for me...My only regret was is that...One, I ate waaay too fast....and Two, that my Bro nor my dad were here to have dinner with us....Maybe next year!

The next day, to our surprise, we received a fedex package. It said that it was sent from our bro. But it was really from his wife. She had been sent to egypt (they're both in the military...currently deployed)...And she sent us this...

Isnt it friggin COOL!? Its made on papyrus...a picture of a scarub (i believe thats what its called)...and she had them write my name (on the left) and my mom's name (on the right) in hieroglyphs! Yall should've seen the look I had on my face. Complete GEEK-MODE! hahah I was all wide-eyed and smiling...especially when I was staring at the figures, translating it. Soooooooooooo friggin cool! I wasted no time getting it framed and putting it up on the wall >:-]

In my whitest voice...I looked at my mom, smiled and said "COOLEST GIFT EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!" hahahah


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you're the most funny and sweetest person ever!!!