Sunday, July 4, 2010


Whoooo I'm super late with this one...but here we go...


"Lola! Sit!" Her calls went on ignored as Lola continued to jump merrily, barking salutations to her friend whom she hadn't seen in so long. Karma, eagerly barking in response, broke free from his masters and quickly ran across the office. Lola joined him in a dog's version of tag, running and barking happily from one end of the office to another. Everyone, far too entertained to work, simply sat back and watched as both dogs continued their game and ignored their masters' calls. With all the commotion, they failed to notice the intern walking in with a tray full of iced coffee for the guests who would be arriving shortly. Lola, being so small and quick, simply ran under her legs as she made her away to safety. Karma, lacking in grace, charged after her. Time seemed to slow down, as everyone knew what was to come next. "Oh no! Look out!" rung through the office, seemingly in a slow dull tone. When time resumed its normal pace, the floor, karma, and the intern's new blouse were stained with coffee. They took a hold of both dogs and kept them separated. "Ugh", sighed Lola's owner knowing that she would now have to apologize to everyone for her poorly trained pup. A nervous look appeared on everyone's face as they realized that their potential clients would be be arriving and there was no longer any iced coffee to entice them with. They all turned to the intern with the sullied blouse and saw embarrassed tears starting their journey down her cheeks. This definitely wasn't the way she expected her first day to be.

***Prompt from One-Minute Writer

Bare with me...haha I'm already starting to struggle...


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Naty said...

:) Don't be so hard on yourself. You are a lot better than you give yourself credit for.