Friday, July 9, 2010


This prompt is from The One-Minute Writer.

Friday Fiction: Sequel
Think of a novel or short story you really enjoyed. Write the first few lines of how you think its sequel should begin. (Be sure to tell us what book or story you've chosen!)


Bacon and Grits : The Sequal to Green Eggs and Ham

Hi! I'm Brit!

That Brit!
That Brit!
I do not like that Brit,
one bit!

Do you like Bacon and Grits?

I do not like them, Brit.
I do not like Bacon and Grits.

Would you like them next too a deer?
Would you eat til your plate was clear?

I would not eat them by a deer.
I would not eat til my plate was clear.
I do not like Bacon and Grits.
I do not like them, Brit.

I couldn't help it. I sat here and thought of all the books and stories I've read. And for some reason, that story popped in my head and I couldn't stop laughing. (Good sign, perhaps?) I, literally, laughed the entire time I wrote that. haha. Hope ya like!



Havana Cruz said...

I like I like! :D

Eddie said...

im glad! lol

Heather said...

Read it on One Minute Writer. I had just written a note on how sick of Dr. Suess I was and could anyone please, please, please write something with a subject other than Green Eggs and Ham. Ummm... thanks for doing so, but that wasn't quite what I meant.

Eddie said...

hahaha sorry sorry! i didn't know!