Monday, July 5, 2010


Another late post for ya!


It was the last weekend of June. Although, it might as well have been the middle of July. The city had been assaulted by a massive heat wave. Every day that week had been at least in high 90s. This weekend seemed to be the peak. All the newspapers and reporters were advising folks to stay in doors and under a fan. But most city people are stubborn. To the parks, they went, where the squirrels and mosquitoes anxiously awaited their free meals. Families were having barbecues. Kids were ignoring their parents and running around and splashing each other with what ever they could find that was wet. It was on a day like this, that John and Mary were celebrating their 8 month anniversary. John wanted to do something special for her, but Mary was surprisingly a girl of simply tastes. A nice picnic at the park was all she needed to be completely satisfied and John was definitely going to deliver. They had set themselves up near a tree, not too far from where the kids were running around. Mary always enjoyed children. John had made sure to prepare all of the foods that he knew she enjoyed. This was going to be perfect. They had just begun to eat and talk about how great it was to have lasted this long, when a water balloons were introduced into the massive water were that was going on. John and Mary paused for a moment to glance at the kids running passed them a few feet away then glanced back at each other smiling. As he looked down to get a small bag of green grapes from the basket, he noticed a weird shadow. It didn't look like a shadow that a tree branch would make. No. It looked circular. The shadow also seemed to be getting bigger by the second. John quickly looked up and saw a big red object hurling towards them. It was much larger than your typical water balloon. Apparently, someone cheated and used a real balloon. So much for things being perfect.

***Prompt from Daily Writing Practice***

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