Thursday, July 8, 2010


My good friend Juliana asked me to write a little story about "Desire". I hope yall like it!

Her Desire

It was a Saturday, close to sundown. Susan was laying in her bed wearing short shorts and a very thin, matching tank top. The fan was on high and she didn't mind how it made her hair dance. It made her think of those cliché romantic films where the female's hair is blowing wildly in the wind as she awaits for her lover. For her, this was a similar situation. Her friends had invited her to go hang out with them but she declined. She was waiting for him. Others liked to come by earlier, but she usually paid them no mind. It was him that she wanted. And he always came by shortly after sundown. It's almost time. She smiled to herself and lowered the volume on her TV. She always liked to hear him as he got closer. She got her wish. She heard the music coming from his vehicle and quickly jumped out of bed and dashed to her front door. She didn't bother to put on anything over her tank top. I'm sure he won't mind. She ran towards the curb just as he pulled up. She caught her breath and smiled as he looked up at her. Their eyes locked. In that moment, for her, it was like they were the only two on Earth. She slowly walked up to him, biting her lower lip in anticipation. She reached up towards him, a dollar in hand. "One Vanilla Ice Cream cone, please."

Thanks for the idea Julie! :-P



ayvan's said...

Excellent writing...waiting for more.........

Havana Cruz said...

lol :D That was creative I liked it. ^_^

Naty said...

You really have a gift my friend. Awesome!