Saturday, July 3, 2010


Still half asleep! :-P


"Captain, they're everywhere! What are we going to do?!"

"Calm yourself Lieutenant. I have the situation perfectly under control."

"But, we're surrounded! They're getting closer and closer! How do you expect to get us out of this?"

"Remember the chain of command. I will not allow myself to be beaten by the likes of them. It's time to use it."

"It? Are you sure, sir?"

"Yes Lieutenant. It's time to teach them what happens when they invade another's territory. Is it ready, yet?"

"Yes sir, it is!"

"Ok. Ready. Aim. FIRE!"

Five minutes later, the hallway was filled with the scent of roach spray. Mr & Mrs. Stevenson moved into their apartment a week later, to start their newly married life.

***Prompt from Daily Writing Practice***

Bare with me ok! lol


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Naty said...

lol that was funny