Friday, July 2, 2010

APOSTADAY: The One-Minute Writer

Whats up! I hope yall ready for the short short I have for ya!

The One-minute Writer

The clock displayed one minute. One minute to write. One minute to create. One minute. He stared at the sheet of paper before him. But nothing came to him. Frustration started to settle in and he quickly reached for another Oreo cookie. Maybe the sugar rush would inspire him. Time was running out and he started tapping his feet nervously. This is too much pressure! Something in the back of his mind told him to calm down. Take a deep breath. He closed his eyes. Inhale. Exhale. His eyes opened, looking down at his page. A smirk on his lips signified a potentially good idea. He grabbed his pen quickly and started to write. "The clock displayed one minute."

Hope you guys liked this one!



Anonymous said...

Culo cagao...write about that with a minute, LoL.
My bad, I think this is the first comment I put on your blog vs. on facebook.

Eddie said...

problem is, i dont even know who you are "anonymous" hahaha

Heather said...

Eddie... If you read my blog long enough, you will find such entries scattered throughout it. Not every day is a good writing day. You, however, pulled it off.