Monday, April 5, 2010

Questions & Observations

I just feel like sharing some things I've said to my friends this well as throwing some questions out there to em too...Enjoy...i think O_o haha

"You know what? Im curious about this...Are humans the only animals capable of faking an orgasm? I mean, can you imagine a monkey pretending to going, "eeee...eee....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ee........." then runs off to her own tree branch and tells her girlfriend, 'oh plz...that nigga aint shit...' hahhah"

a valid theory i feel...dont you?!

But wait...there's more!!!!

"You ever notice how when a person gets into a relationship, they put on mad weight...then break up, and suddenly start to look BANGING??? Love & Obesity meng...they go hand & hand. >:-]"

I know I say it in a joking way...but this is actually very true. The reason it happens is that most people take very good care of themselves because they want to look "presentable" for whoever they might meet at any random moment during their "single" days. Its like you're hunting..and your nice ass body is the bait. buuut once you finally capture your "prey" and get to that point where you become comfortable with them...and start to think that they will stay with you regardless of how you look (*sniff sniff* d-d-do you l-l-love me for ME a-a-and not my body???), you stop trying as hard as you did before. So, naturally, you start to let yourself go...that time you used to spend in the gym, is replaced with snuggling up with ya lovah. Then, when things go sour and you find yourself single again...its back to the gym...gotta get yourself ready for the hunt again! :-P

Now...for the question of the day....

At what point during your relationship, is it "okay" for you to fart in front of your bf/gf???

I asked this to my friends this morning and got a bunch of different answers...and I've got to say...I've got some weird f'in friends. haha



Anonymous said...

Frankly, women that let themselves go are lazy bitches. Because let's be serious-the hunt doesn't start when you break up, it starts and is, in fact, ongoing while you are on a relationship. And anyone who says that they've never even glanced at another person while they were dating someone else is a flat out liar. Of course there are other pretty people besides your S.O. - and that's ok! If they're looking at you, all the better-that's an automatic self esteem boost for your S.O. Who doesn't love something that no one else can have? ;-)

As for farting, that's something natural. Once you're over 18, if you haven't processed that fact, something is wrong with you. As long as you warn the other person you're about to plague them with the likes of biological warfare unseen, fart should be free!

Eddie said...

yea..thats my thing...why would you lose the things that attracted the person you're with in teh first place. lol one day they'll take a look at you and will no longer see what they saw when you first got together n the "why am i with this person" is gonna start floating around in their if i get serious with a chick, imma prolly workout even harder than i and no, i dont think that looks are the MOST important thing in the world...buuuuut...human beings, by nature, are shallow ass individuals...anyone who disagrees is just delusional lmao..."we eat with our eyes".