Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day of Fat Fuckness

Yep. Today's one of those days where I didnt feel like doing shiiiiit...but eat. This morning I was thinking of mimicking something I saw my coworker get at a deli the other day. Its a wrap with scrambled eggs and ham in it...check it out..

I just fried some thin slices of turkey ham...n BOOYACA!!! (thats a low fat wrap, by the way...heated up on some strange grill-like thing my mom has lol) It was friggin GREEEEEEEEAT!

Later on, not long after that I was already snacking on some pop tarts that I conscience is still hassling be about it...

But I wasnt completely lazy...I DID go out with my mom to run a few errands...She was feeling kind of downish for some reason, so you KNOW I had harass her a bit...

And when she finally cheered up a lil...

Her "senior citizen" version of the "wah ju wan, nugga?!" pose....lmfao

But wait! There's more! When we came back...MORE FAT FUCKNESS!

My mom decided to make some lasagna!!!

Have you any idea how much cardio I need to do now!? In fact, as soon as I press "Publish Post" Im going to get started!


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