Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Damn That's Nasty" Returns!!!!

lol Yeah. I'm SURE you've missed it...almost as much as I today marks the return of my "damn, thats nasty" series..hahah Now that its getting warmer, I'm sure I'll have plenty of "subjects" to take pictures of...(and my camera phone skills are slowly becoming unrivalled...) So beware! >:-]

I was looking through my phone and found a bunch of pics I took but never put up (or at least I dont think I did). So, I'm just going to put em up now, to get it out of the way. Enjoy. Or...vomit..idk..

I bet you thought you could pick your nose and no one would notice, eh? WRONG!

Gay dude on the left, tranny on the right....(I call it nasty cause dude really did look nasty..lmao)

Reading the terrorist manual while you wait? O_o

The problem I had with this is...this chick is 5 or 6yrs never let my daughter wear a short ass skirt at that age...

I know..I know...You probably think he's some homeless dude sleeping...but no no no...he's a deep meditation! :-P

Manager at Macy's hard at work...haha

lol my homegirl sent me this. (she supports the Damn, That's Nasty movement!!!). I quote her, "A family thats fat together, stays together"...hahahaa Thanks T.

Yoo..if yall could only see her completely.....*chokes*

What can I say about her ass...that hasnt been said about Afganistan..."bombed out and depleted" lol...whats amazing is that she actually has a man. Someone give homie the noble prize please.

That one scared me that day....haha

AND OUR WINNER IS..........lmfaoooo

I hope no one was TOO offended by these pics...and if you were..allow me to apologize in advance cause there will be much more to come..>:-]



Anonymous said...

OMG too much. Are photo skills are going to be on POINT after this.

Eddie said...

wow are you doubting my photo taking skills?!?!?! let it be known...that these are old'll'll see...

howetc said...

Lmao I had to come back to this one. It's too, too much! Those misshapen ass cheeks look like someone pressed in the opposite sides of two rounds of blue cookie dough. LOL