Monday, April 12, 2010

Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

My name is E!

I feel as if I've been neglecting this blog big time...No longer really sharing my thoughts...and whatnot. I don't know whether its because I havent had the time...or just havent felt like sharing. Whatever the reason may be, I'm back (more or less). I remember when I first opened this blog, I said that Id introduce myself later on. Oddly, enough..."later on" never came...until now I suppose. So here it is. The basics.

My name is E. I'm 23, going on 24. I'm Dominican, though everyone has always thought I was african american or something (one person constantly accuses me of either being haitian or panamanian. lol.) I love music and reading. Its pretty much the two things that bring me real joy since I kind of dive into it..and either vibe on a really good song...or lose myself in a really good story. Im a great conversationalist, I believe, but I'm probably a lot better online than in person. haha Idk...I think things pretty fast, n my hands just type away...but for some reason I get tongue tied easely. Im trying to change that though...which is tough since I dont really find that many people immediately next to me interesting enough to "chit chat" with O_o Most ppl think I'm anti-social...and....well...they're probably right. Its extremely hard for me to pretend to get along with somoene. And frankly, I dont feel like putting in that kind of effort. haha Plus, I enjoy my personal space. If you've seen all my other posts, you already know that I'm VERY friggin mind can go from just plain offensive (in a semi-funny way) easily.

And...thats me in a kind of incomplete nutshell. lol I'm sure I'll "expose" more of myself later on.

Oh. And...I like porn. :-P

Til next time.


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