Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Moment

From The One-Minute Writer

"Write about one thing you'd prefer to be doing at this moment, instead of what you're doing now. Also write about one thing you're glad you're not doing at this moment."

Hmm...What, oh what could I be doing right now if I weren't in this office...Oh so many options....hahah

If I weren't here I could be...

-Taking a stroll through the city, looking for funny things to photograph
-Reading a manga
-Enjoying the quiet of my home
-Exercising a little >:-]
-Catching up with some friends who are probably free right now
-Hitting up museums
-blogging (lol had to say it)
-Clearing my head (bye bye thoughts of b.s!)
-NOT listening to stupid conversations O_o
-getting a haircut
-playing basketball
-raiding Barnes & Nobles
-watching a documentary
-Doing something that's actually meaningful


But, alas, I'm not a "yuppie". So, I have no choice but to sit here at work....O_o


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