Monday, June 21, 2010

24 was inevitable. My birthday came, and went! lol On June 18, I officially turned 24. But truthfully, I don't feel any different. I never understood why so many people place such great importance to birthdays, but ah well :-P

In "honor" of my age, and because I have nothing better to do, I'll attempt to share 24 facts about yours truly...SO HERE GOES!

1. I'm a big chocolate freak lol
2. I used to play the piano, clarinet, and saxophone.
3. I can be EXTREMELY sarcastic at times.
4. The only thing I ever order when I go to eat at a restaurant is either chicken fingers or grilled chicken breast. lol
5. Because I'm so good at being sarcastic, most people think I don't take things seriously, even though I really really do (but there's no sense in letting them know that haha).
6. Favorite colors: black & blue.
7. Very self-conscious.
8. Shy as fuUUUuUUuck, even though it doesn't seem like it online O_o
9. I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to music and overall activities...(id rather go to a museum, than go to a club..)
10. I feel awkward reading other people's work sometimes because I catch myself either looking for grammatical errors...or re-writing it in my head the way I would've done it. lol (this is especially for essays..)
11. I'm really really I can find perverted connotations to almost anything :-P
12. I sometimes get caught up reading Mangas lol
13. I'm constantly making up my own songs in my head...(often imitating Jimi Hendrix or something...)
14. Still watch cartoons. I cant help it. :-P
15. I always felt weird/awkward not having underwear on at home. lol Just didnt like the feeling of letting everything just hang for dear life hahah
16. Because I'm so distant from people, I dont understand the attachments that some people have to their friends and significant others. O_o
17. It's HARD for me to open up to anyone.
18. I lose interest in people fast.
19. I LOVE good conversations..though they're becoming harder and harder to find...
20. Extremely against organized religion. (If you've never been to "heaven" do you expect to show me how to get there? O_o)
21. I dont really drink, except on rare occasions (Example: My bday this past weekend. lol)
22. I love making jokes about "69". lol
23. I miss being young and naive.

and last but not least...

24. I've only ever been in one SERIOUS relationship...everything else always ended prematurely. O_o

And there you have it....24 facts about your favorite 24yr old.



Naty said...

I just read this! lol. Dude high five again! I don't drink either lol.

Eddie said...

whoot whoot! lmao i had actually forgotten about this post...tum tum tum