Monday, May 24, 2010

Worthy Of a Second Look

Had to "steal" another one from my friend's blog, Pearls & Rubies! lol

"this is a list of some things that make me look twice, whether with a smile or with a 'wth?'"

- exremely flabby chicks wearing form fitting clothes O_o
- seeing a parent actually PAYING ATTENTION to their child when on the train or bus
- whenever I overhear a child saying something clever
- women with FUCKED up toes, wearing sandals O_o
- a really attractive female (of course lol)
- midgets
- street musicians
- an interesting design on a shirt
- a clever billboard
- white people with dreads...haha
- a really skinny person walking, holding hands with an obese person
- anyone with a big ass afro
- people who wear sunglasses INDOORS O_o
- a female crying in public
- a fight
- couples making out on the train..O_o

I know there's a lot more, but my mind's a little cluttered at the moment..haha



ms.rubies said...

LOL! i loved it!!! esp. the messed up toes and sandals (that's a sin)and a skinny person walking with an obese person...and i wear sunglasses indoors, but that cause i'm cool, so i

Eddie said...

lmao oh man have you ever gone to a party AT NIGHT wearing sunglasses? hahah my homegirl used to joke around saying that it must be a "dominican" thing