Thursday, May 6, 2010

What? My Dislikes?

Lol Took a lil trip to my friend's blog - Pearls and Rubies and I saw she listed off her dislikes. Soooo I decided to steal her idea. :-P So if ya ready, lets take a stroll down "Dislikes Lane" (Alright...That was corny...)

*haha my first DISLIKE needs to be what I just said..."Dislikes Lane"..that was f'in cheesy!!!
*fat ppl who dress as if they're thin.
*being horny at the worst f'in times.
*skinny jean wearing "thugs".
*jeans sagging half way (if not completely off) the butt. O_o
*ppl who take things too seriously
*having to explain my jokes...
*being misunderstood
*feeling obligated(pressured) to do something
*MTV's endless reality tv shows!!!!!!
*Snotty chick's looking down at you, even though you're BOTH on the same g'damn public transportation lol O_o
*not being able to eat all the things I really enjoy...
*overly sensitive/emotional people...
*poor grammar
*bad spelling
*stupid questions (unless its on purpose, for the sake of a laugh)
*when people cough and dont cover their mouths
*being harassed
*when my female friends tell me their bfs are jealous. O_o
*people who justify stereotypes
*self-righteous, holier-than-thou individuals...

There's many many more..but I'll end it with this...

*LIFE itself.

hahaha :-P



ms.rubies said...

i love your list! i'm with you on almost every one of them (minus the fbombs) especially 'thugs' wearing skinny jeans!
but....why do you dislike life?

Eddie said...

Oh I was just trying to be silly when I said that about life :-)

ms.rubies said...

okay...i was hoping i wouldn't have to coax you off of any rooftops anytime soon (but in any case your tire would come in very handy)