Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blind Dates

I don't understand how some people can be comfortable with their friends setting them up on "blind dates". I guess you have to really trust in your friend's judgement. My thing is the person that your friend tries to hook you up with is pretty much a reflection of how they see you. Obviously, they wouldn't hook you up with someone they KNOW you won't get along with. So, that person, whoever they may be, is going to pretty be what your friend thinks you like, or matches you "perfectly" ...or close enough...This kind of sucks if you're like me, who only shows a certain side of yourself to certain friends. So if, lets say, you only really show your funny side to a friend, they'll go off and tell that person of how FUNNY you are...and how you always have something FUNNY to say...and this person will naturally create this image of you in their mind of you being incredibly funny and entertaining, I suppose...And now, you're fucked because there's obviously much more to you than your jokes, but you're limited now by these preconceptions of you. Now, when you go on this "date", hoping to find a potential significant other (because really, if you're not..then you're kinda wasting your time, arent you?), and you can't even be 100% yourself with this person 'cause you're stuck playing a "role". lol And as tempted as you might be to say, "Fuck it. I WILL be myself", you know that you can't because if you do, you are risking disappointing the person you're on a date with who came, expecting to see someone funny...and got something totally different...which may or may not be a pleasant surprise (you just never friggin know)...and that would kind of make this date a failure for the evening...and now you've just wasted your time AND the person's time...not to mention, possibly damaging your mutual friend's credibilty as a cupid-wannabe match maker. O_o So, blind date? No thanks...


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