Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Alive!

Yeah...I've been pretty M.I.A lately...not because I didnt have anything to say...and not that I didnt want to post anything...I just havent had the time to at all! They've been covering the friggin runways lately and when that happens, its just a ton of work....O_o And to put the icing on this lil shit cake, I (along with a few other coworkers, apparently) got really sick. lol...Not so surprising..considering they never open the friggin windows here. Closed windows + little ventilation + ONE sick person = EVERYONE getting sick. haha >:-] good times!

On tuesday, I tried to go to work...but i ended up getting worse and left in the middle of the day....unfortunately, i left too soon and ended up having to sit outside my building, til my mom showed up with the new key...O_o (Backstory: Recently, the people next door decided to move out of building..I guess they got tired of dealing with the landlord and a way of saying a great big "FUCK YOU"...they left without giving him the keys to the building. hahah so in a fit of desperation..this fucker changes the locks to the front door. Tuesday was the day we were gonna make copies of it...) lol So by the time she showed up, my "condition" had escalated to an even higher fever...coughing even more...and a huge migraine...And if that wasnt enough...I was throwing up like crazy...but thats probably because I hadnt really eaten anything all day either O_o hahaha

Oddly dear mother, the witch doctor, gave me 3 different teas...and some all natural remedy...along with tynelol and something else...which practically "cured" me. I woke up the next day feeling great! least a lot better than I had the day before. I only really get sick once in a blue moon...So, I'm pretty sure I wont have to go through something like this for a long time...*cool guy pose* haha


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yayy, your back. i get sick all the friggin time (very low immune system), so i feel your pain. i'm glad your feeling better.