Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Law of the Universe

The Universe maintains its balance in duality. In other words, everything comes in twos; Light and dark, good and evil, etc. One can't really exist without the other. Keeping this concept in mind, wouldnt it seem a bit odd that people hold this belief that "everyone is meant to be with someone"? When you really think about it, its kind of obsurd. If for everything that exists, there exists its exact opposite...Then it should be acceptable to say that for every person that is "meant" to find that "special someone" there is someone is, sad to say, destined to be alone. Dont get me wrong. I'm sure someone will be utterly clueless of their fate so they'll probably send their lives floating from person to person, constantly interacting, but never really "settling down". And I'm sure there will be a few who realize this and will either accept this and try to find some form of happiness in their solitude...or...commit suicide. I dont know. haha Kind of a morbid thought, isnt it? lol

lol I liked this pic too...so....there ya go!



:::the.kisser::: said...

i believe that anyone can be that someone if the timing is right (to an extent).

Lorean Ashli said...

lol @ commit suicide. The duality is interesting I think when a soceity is unbalanced mentally and there is a disproportion in men and women mating homosexuality will occur so that the number for men and women to mate will be balanced.

Juan said...

So, when are you scheduled for suicide? Or have you found happiness in your solitude puta?