Thursday, July 2, 2009

My take on "Hugs"....O_o

HUGS...hmm...i remember when hugs meant "awww..are u sad? lemme hug you so you feel nice enough NOT to kill yourself"...and now it seems its more like " not going to see you for 24hrs so let me hug you one last time just in case you step out the door and get killed by 'accident'..." lmao n these bitches squeeze so hard too! thats why I kinda hate hugs sometimes...some ppl hug you n make you feel like you're in a group rehab meeting or something...O_O

So yea...unlss I havent seen you in a WHILE...and genuinely miss you, dont really expect to get a hug from me....It's just no good and awkward as hell sometimes...ESPECIALLY if you appease the person by letting them hug you then they wanna hold on longer than the acceptable amount of seconds... lol sheesh...

Welp..that was my random thought of the moment. Enjoy.


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