Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Messing With Photoshop

Yeah, I've FINALLY gotten back into my "hobby" of playing around with Photoshop, doing tutorials and whatnot. By some miracle, I managed to finish my work early last week, which gave me some time to do some stuff. (Note: my pc and laptop at home arent working soooo I have no choice but to depend on my pc at work for these kinds of things haha)...In any case, check it out!

From a tutorial...its suppose to be a "Star Burst"

The original picture

Made it rainy...:-P

From a tutorial...

My first collage...(imitating a tutorial)

Here, I wanted to try it on my My friends n coworkers were telling me i should see about photoshoping some chicks into it...I'll see what I can do later...

Feel free to click on em for the full size...


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