Monday, July 13, 2009

Damn Thats Nasty....

I'm sure that by now, most of my friends already know that I'm a "people watcher"...I can't tell you all the things I just happen to see at the PERFECT My only regret is that until now, I never took it upon myself to catch it on camera....welp...No More! Recently, I've been seeing an excess of nasty-looking people....and I decided to take shots of a few of em...haha

On July 4th, I went with my homegirl to Playland, to celebrate her daughter's bday....And believe me, there were TONS of obsese females there! It was unbelievable...there must've only been a handful of females that were mildy attractive...O_O I'm still a bit traumatized...Check it out...

How did she even fit!?

We've got a hippo on one side...and cellulite city on the other. DAAMN...hahah

My homegirl and I were really stumped on this one....She was sitting there with her man next to her...and we were really wondering if it's even physically possible to fuck that....I mean really...O_O

In her defense...she had a I guess that's her excuse....but what about the other bitches who dont have babies?! huh?! huh?! HUH?! O_o

This one broke my heart...cause her tummy comes out a lil more than her ass...which is...just....ewwwwww lmao....what made it even sadder was the fact that her friend's ass was NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!

I swear...God bless the fuckers who "take one for the team" and actually hook up with chicks like I think of it as a true test of ones creativity....not to mention bravery...O_O


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Anonymous said...

Most individuals would find fault in your post or try to find excuses as to why these women look the way that these women do. In order to deflect their insecurities and fears. Personally I think your just calling it like, you see it. So keep writing the world wants to know what is on your mind.