Monday, March 8, 2010

Prediction For the Future??? Ya Think???

I was feeling I decided to give my friend a lil "prophecy" of mine. >:-]

"I see this world moving into a phase of conciousness where the most petty things...will be catastrophic....and all because of the next few generations that will take over after us, are total dickfaces. lol im sure...that soon...terrorism n shit like what we see in teh news wont even exist in the same sure a terrorist in the future will just find some ways to fuck with ppl's facebook accounts n watnot....and that'll be enough to start a global conflict lmao"

Am I wrong though? Am I?!


Shadow said...

what's wrong with this world is that everything is excused or blamed on something these days. no-one is accountable or responsible anymore. imo.

Eddie said...

you're absolutely right. its ridiculous!