Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How They Fucked It Up...

If you take a good look at our history and how things are in the world today, I think you'd agree that most of the "bad" things that happen in the world, started off as a good idea. It's true! It really is! Think about it...How many times have you done something, only to have it blow up in your face? This is no different. Examples:

Communism...This was actually a really good idea introduced by Karl Marx, who in 1848 wrote "The Communist Manifesto". Basically, it went against Capitalism and proposed that the government should take control over businesses. This would then help "the little guy" because CLEARLY business owners were truly being careless and inconsiderate when it came to the treatment of their workers. In accepting Communism (which is socioeconomic structure, NOT a form of government), it would eliminate "classes" and create true equality. BUT, of course, this good idea HAD to be messed up, when a few countries took this idea and expanded on it and turned it into a form of government rule. Fascist governments, like Russia and China, amongst others, took the idea way too far and tried to impose government control over EVERY aspect of their people's lives and claiming that it all falls under the umbrella of Communism. This gave Communism a REALLY bad name as it now opposed Democracy. Communism had such a bad name that it even led to a modern day political "witch hunt", spear-headed by Senator Joseph McCarthy, where you could easily call your local congressman or government authority and say "i think so and so is a communist!" and they'd come to take them off to god knows where....Sad...and it started off as such a good idea!

And what about Capitalism? Wasn't this a good idea? The owners of companies were in charge of how the business was run. Freedom. Isn't that what a democratic nation is all about? Besides, its your business. You're the one at risk, should it fail, right? So, shouldn't you be in complete control? Hell, it even has your name on it! Well yes, for the sake "freedom", it really was a good idea. Why should you be held back from running your business the way you see fit? Why should anyone tell you who you can and cannot trade with? It's your business! Well, the problem with this is (and i DARE anyone to disagree), greed almost certainly overtakes the owners of these businesses. The more they have, the more they want and there's very little standing in their way to keep them from getting it. There's no one to tell them "no, you can't just pick up and move your company overseas where labor is cheaper, while leaving many of your fellow countrymen jobless." There's no one to stifle this ever-growing trend of "out-sourcing", to countries like India who have people that work on a much stricter schedule than us and for a cheaper cost. Meanwhile, perfectly well trained and able people in this country (as well as others i imagine who do this very same thing) left with degrees they can't use, and with jobs that hardly pay them for what they're truly worth, nor enough to REALLY "get by". But hey, it started out as a good idea right?

Now, if I haven't lost you completely just yet, let me hit you with a more urban example....Gangs. Even that was a GREAT idea at first. Most gangs (which are usually divided based on ethnicity, like the Latin Kings) started out as just a group of men (women did their parts too) who banded together in an effort to protect each other and those of their community from violence and often oppression from other groups. Often, they would even do things like collect money in order to assist a fellow member of the community if they were experiencing financial issues. The main purpose of this was unity, togetherness; never dominance and power. BUT, as time past and their numbers grew, later generations soon forgot the real reason these gangs first were created. Their purpose became corrupted and, like most underground organizations, their inevitable decent into crime finally came. And so, they became what you know them to be now. Good idea, eh?

And these are just but a few out of countless other "good ideas" turned bad. So, my friends, next time you try coming up with a good idea, try thinking of all the possible ways it can fuck up first.


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