Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Just Saying

I hate it when a bunch of nobody's get into heated debates about which politician sucks the most. News flash people...YOU elected them. So you're pretty much stuck with them until the next election. Get over it. Stop worrying about crap you can't control. Why not focus on the stuff you CAN your alcohol problem....or maybe the fact that you're daughter's a slut and your son's a dumbass. Those seem like good causes to debate about.

I hate politics though. The only time I ever got a tiny bit interested was when Hillary Clinton wanted to run for president. I got a bit excited at the idea. I said to myself, "Hey...a woman already damned all of mankind by eating that apple. Its only fair that a woman finish the job." For all you heathens out there, that was an Adam & Eve joke. Do your research. Book of Genesis. You dont even have to read the whole thing. Read the cliff notes: Some hungry ass girl was walking around the garden of Eden, eating up every damn thing (as most hungry ass girls do...) when she came upon the forbidden fruit. She knew she wasn't suppose to eat it. But you can't tell a female what to do nowadays, what makes you think you could tell her back then? So she ate it...and force fed it Adam. God gets mad, and she blames it on a talking snake. (Really? That's the best you could come up with?)

No that the BEST excuse that popped into your head? "A talking snake made me do it." I dont know what amazes me more, the audacity of her coming up with that kind of an excuse, or the fact that yall have kept it going for this long. I would love to see a guy try to pull that off. Ladies, you walk into your home and find your man sleeping with another girl. You start to flip out and he starts saying, "baby baby please. baby please wait a minute. I can explain.....A.....talking snake made me do it."

But I digress...Yeah...I would've found it interesting if Hillary would've gotten into office. I would've laughed if the first thing she did in office was send the secret service to assassinate all the members of the Lewinsky know...just to show n****s, that Hillary doesn't forget about things. This one holds grudges!

And I know..this may bother some of you...but hey.....I'm just saying.

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