Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What? Work?

Hmm...kinda hard to take a work day seriously when your boss' dog takes a shit, not once, but TWICE in the with that said...Enjoy some funny pics.

yes my friends...yes....lmao

TOTO HERO!!!! (i play on Guitar Hero. yes yes...)

lol I just liked the fact that its my name on the wall...and it does seem like something I'd say....motherfucker. >:-]

Avatar vs. Pocahontas?! lol tum tum tum...



Anonymous said...

Good stuff, especially the vagina controller. Does it actually work?

Seeing Avatar this week I hope.

Eddie said...

oooo nice. Its a good movie. I was more impressed with the graphics of course. soooooo realistic. I hope you enjoy it!

saveyoursoul said...

Haha I love your comment on my blog. I don't share well with others so its okay ;). Also, I like your banner at the top of your page.


Havana said...

I haven't seen Avatar and now i wanna see it even more!!!!!